Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Graphic Design – Don’t Cut Corners with Your Branding

If you’re in the process of considering graphic designs for your business logo, brochure, website, direct mail and other printed items, a well thought-out and effectively developed marketing strategy will go far to ensure that your promotional materials produce the most significant return on your investment.
Budget is certainly a concern as well – but savvy consumers understand that saving a few dollars now will invariably cost them far more down the road, in terms of poor results and subsequent reinvestment. Those online websites who offer a $99 graphic design for instant download may seem enticing, but the results are all too often generic, unoriginal and low quality renderings.
If you are going to invest in your business, don’t scrimp on the materials that will represent YOUR company. This doesn’t mean ‘break the bank’; only that a little more investment now will mean a far better return going forward.

Graphic Designs for Cohesive Marketing

As part of your overall marketing plan, you’ll need more than just a logo or website; your branding should include a cohesive presentation made up of varied media elements, in order to connect all of your materials and solidify your message.
These materials could include:

Your company may not specifically have need for all of these graphic design components, but bear in mind that any of these options you do decide to implement MUST have a consistent, branded theme in order to reinforce recognition of your business.
Once you’ve decided on which graphic design components should be included in your marketing approach, the important next step is to ensure that those materials will ‘pack a punch’ in grabbing the attention of consumers. If the graphic designs are lackluster, cheap-looking and flat-out boring, your branding investment has been mostly wasted.
Here are a few tips to ensure that your graphic design branding exudes quality and expertise, and makes the most of your business marketing budget:
  1. First and foremost: you MUST know your target audience. You wouldn’t sell tuxedos using the same graphic designs as a company selling skateboards, would you? If your audience is elegant, so must be your graphic designs. Understand exactly who is your primary customer, and sell to them, in their own visual ‘language’.
  1. Don’t use graphic designs based on current trends or fashions, (unless you want to change your materials with every changing fad!) Materials should be branded with timeless, enduring graphic designs, that uphold their relevance and beauty regardless of current trends, for longstanding presentation value.
  1. Stand out. Don’t recycle old motifs and copy elements of other graphic designs to suit your own. Instead, BE your own design – be original, be recognizable, and strike a bold statement with whatever your message. Make certain that your ‘point’ is made in an instant, without graphics that clutter or confuse long before they inform. Don’t be afraid to use ‘white space’ to make your message stand out even more.
It’s easy to see how the use of fly-by-night, downloadable graphic designs at rock-bottom prices online could never give you the benefit of these concepts. Too many important graphic design considerations are completely left out of the process. So when the time comes to brand your business, think it through, examine your requirements, and confer with experts who understand how to put all the pieces together in a cohesive and truly powerful way.

Expert Graphic Design Services

At PearTree, every graphic design we create is unique, and acutely focused on attracting your specific target market. We can work with your current logo and branding, or create exciting new solutions for you to create a cohesive, impressive branding campaign.
We have the tools and expertise to create eye-catching, custom graphic designs for every type of business. With our talented team of design experts, developers and animators, there is no website or graphic design project we can't handle.
If you haven't yet established a solid, effective and enduring branding strategy for your company or organization, it only takes a few seconds to get an idea of how easy and affordable it can be to let us brand your business for powerful marketing results.
Just click the button below to tell us what you have in mind, and we'll email you a custom quote for graphic design services within 24 hours:


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