Saturday, June 21, 2014

Graphic Design Firms – A Closer Look

Graphic Design Firms
In a recent PearTree Design blog article, we took a look at the differences between large and small graphic design firms, and the benefits versus caveats between these two options.
Larger design firms are a preferable choice due to more expansive resources, advanced working systems and the greater diversity of capabilities offered with multiple designers on hand. The value in smaller design firms is most often found in lower pricing, a higher level of flexibility and a more personalized customer service experience.
Ultimately it was determined that the best choice between the large and small graphic design firms is to go with a larger firm who can handle large and varied projects… but who also brings to the table the same customer service excellence, personal interaction and agreeable pricing that a small graphic design firm typically affords.

Graphic Design Firms – Bigger is Better

Both small and large graphic design firms have been found to possess pluses and minuses. But what exactly do these considerations mean for the customer? For the purposes of this article, we’ll explore the larger firms in particular, and how the benefits of bigger operations translate to greater consumer satisfaction and results.
Yes, you read that right. And at first, it may seem like a contradiction, since larger graphic design firms tend to carry a higher price point than that of small operations. But in business, we’re always looking at the overall bottom line, are we not? So when considering all factors, you’d be surprised to learn just how much more affordable the larger firms really are. Here are just a few of the main reasons this is true:
  • Fewer re-touches and re-dos equates to less time and money spent
  • Quality graphic designs means getting your money’s worth
  • More diverse, original graphic designs means YOUR brand stands out in a big way
  • Greater impact and visibility for your materials to attract more customers
When your company needs graphic design for your website, printed mailers and other branded materials, a larger design firm will have the resources handy to accommodate whatever the size of your order. Maintaining a vast stock of readily-available inventory ensures that a large design firm is capable of launching your project more immediately than would a smaller firm, who must first order out for special items to complete the order. This means your company experiences a shorter turnaround time, (and likely pays fewer dollars), for your projects to be finished.
Having more graphic design experts working together with your projects benefits the customer in several ways:
  • A larger pool of creative ideas
  • A more diverse range of graphic design skill sets
  • A collaborative effort for a more impressive end product
  • Expanded availability of team support
  • Advanced systems for accuracy and consistency
Let’s first say that regardless of the size of a graphic design firm, the team members involved may be equally skilled, experienced, dependable and reputable. But it is also true that there are quite a few fly-by-night graphic design operations out there; firms comprised of untrained and self-taught designers who may have some nifty skills under their belts, but haven’t been trained to reach full potential for their customers’ designs and outcomes.
While there’s nothing wrong with learning and growing as a business, most customers prefer to hire experts who have been fully trained, and who are committed to project excellence above all else. A larger design firm will typically invest more into their craft, and demonstrates a commitment to their business that lends itself to a higher level of trust and comfort in the eye of the consumer.
The Large Graphic Design Firm with Small Business Perks
At PearTree Designs, we are large enough to handle any project on any deadline, yet small enough to offer outstanding, one-on-one customer service in a convenient and personalized environment. In many cases, we can accommodate same-day turnaround, with professional and courteous attention to your individual needs.
Our diverse team of highly-qualified, talented printing and design experts offer a wide range of ideas and selection to meet your company requirements, regardless of the size of your business, providing every option imaginable in the realm of printing and graphic design.
PearTree offers up an intimate customer experience while producing the highest quality results, at the lowest available prices.
If you want to see how responsive and helpful our services can be for your business, simply click the button below to tell us about your project needs, and we'll email you a custom quote for printing and graphic design services within 24 hours:


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