Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Graphic Design Firms – Does Size Matter?

Printing and Graphic Design
The answer to this question is yes… and no.
A printing and graphic design firm may be comprised of a single designer or hundreds of employees; what customers really want to know is what kind of service and results they will receive, regardless of company size.
Today’s consumers have grown quite familiar with the pros & cons of working with both large and small companies, and these factors are being taken into serious consideration when choosing a printing and design firm for their business needs. Quality, price, speed and customer service are all part of the equation, as customers seek to find a company who demonstrates the most favorable of these combined criteria.

Printing and Graphic Design Firms Compared

So how does a consumer choose? Let’s have a look at a few benefits and caveats between large and small printing and graphic design firms:
Large Printing and Graphic Design Firm
The Up Sides:
·         Capability to take on an extensive range of tasks
·         Resources to tackle bulk production
·         Varied team perspectives for greater range of ideas
·         Familiarity with requirements and processes of larger companies
The Down Sides:
·         Typically a more costly option
·         Sometimes marked by confusion, (aka, “too many cooks in the kitchen”)
·         Often less-than-satisfactory customer service
·         Occasionally limited by company policies
Small Printing and Graphic Design Firm
The Up Sides:
·         More personalized, one-on-one customer service interaction
·         Generally lower in pricing
·         Creative freedom and more flexible policies
·         Greater familiarity with individual client needs

The Down Sides:
·         Limited ability to produce in bulk
·         Fewer designers, with longer turnaround times
·         Learning curve in adjustment to large company operations
·         Frequently has a smaller supply of on hand stock
Weighing out the pros and cons can be useful in making a final determination when choosing a large or small printing and graphic design firm. But if all this comparative analysis produces nothing more than a headache, you might appreciate this one valuable hint: don’t choose one or the other; get the best of BOTH worlds instead.
The most favorable combination of benefits can be found by hiring a large company who can produce in bulk, yet offers the same favorable perks that a small company affords. A bigger company does not have to mean impersonal customer service or sky-high prices. You can have it all.

A Large AND Small Printing and Design Firm, All Rolled Into One.

At PearTree Designs, our greatest value comes from being large enough to handle any project on any deadline, yet small enough to offer outstanding, one-on-one customer service in a convenient and personalized environment. In many cases, we can accommodate same-day turnaround, with professional and courteous attention to your individual needs.
Our diverse team of highly-qualified, talented printing and design experts offer a wide range of ideas and selection to meet your company requirements, regardless of the size of your business, providing every option imaginable in the realm of printing and graphic design.
PearTree offers up an intimate customer experience while producing the highest quality results, at the lowest available prices.
If you want to see how responsive and helpful our services can be for your business, simply click the button below to tell us about your project needs, and we'll email you a custom quote for printing and graphic design services within 24 hours:


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