Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What to Look for When Selecting a Logo Design

Company Logo Design
So you’ve found a great logo design firm; the one who asks all the right questions, conducts thorough research, communicates in a prompt and professional manner, and produces a top-notch, quality graphic to enhance your company branding.
Now it’s time to make a decision on which logo design will best suit your business. While an expert design team will provide concepts and ideas for your graphic design, it will be you, the client, who will make the final decision as to what logo will represent the ‘stamp’ of your business.
You may have a personal preference among the logo design ideas presented to you, but ultimately it’s YOUR potential customer who needs to be impressed and captivated by the look and feel of your marketing materials. Deciding on a final logo design that accommodates both the message you wish to convey, as well as the interest of your target market, means you will need a basic understanding of components that will make up a design that suits all your marketing purposes.

How to Choose a Logo Design That Converts

Being on the lookout for the following logo design aspects will enable you to better select a final design that conveys your message in a way that effectively resonates with your desired customer base:
Appropriateness – Your company logo design should convey the ambience of the type of business you are selling; i.e., a wine shop would not choose a baby bottle as part of their logo graphics.
Simplicity – If your logo design is over-complicated and filled with intricate details, its message cannot be taken in at a glance. Worse yet, scrolly motifs and highly-customized fonts may be difficult (or impossible) for viewers to read. Keeping your design simple and clean will ensure that your logo achieves maximum impact and split-second recognition.
Originality – There are so many logo designs out there that look so much alike; don’t let your logo be one of them. Attempting to copy popular logo designs with a few variations will not only fail to impress your target market, it may actually turn them off to your brand if they’re already familiar with the company logo from which your graphic was derived. Be impressive, and be one-of-a-kind.
Memorability – Lackluster graphics and overused images will only make your logo design all the more forgettable. Choose a design that’s remarkable, catchy even – make it something that immediately draws the eye and captures the imagination of your viewing market.
Versatility – Adhering to the recommendations listed above will help to ensure that your logo design will work in varied formats and mediums. Envision your logo in various sizes, layouts and colors. For instance, a large logo with too many details will become unreadable at a smaller scale, and a wide horizontal logo might not appear well when posted in a vertical format. Keep it clean, scalable and recognizable at any size or varied display format.
Longevity – Don’t choose a logo that’s dated; following current trends will make your logo less original, and will likely mean a future re-design.  If you expect your business to be wildly successful for many years to come, choose a logo design that will outlast today’s latest fads. 
Cultural Suitability – If you’re targeting a global market, be sure to do your homework. A logo design that is acceptable in one geographic region might be considered inappropriate in others. Don’t risk insulting the very customers you hope to attract by failing to be thorough in understanding regional customs and acceptable practices.
These are just a few of the facets that make up a logo design that will ultimately be a huge hit with your target audience, and will create a solid recognition of your business brand.
Hire the Experts in Company Logo Design
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